Sports and Events

OddsOn Promotions offers a variety of sports promotions and contests to build support for the home team and recognition for your organisation. Link your business to the action on the playing field to increase brand awareness and leverage your sponsorship.

OddsOn Promotions can develop promotions that generate excitement for both consumers and fans, maximising the return on your sports marketing dollars.

Whether you want to build traffic, raise funds, generate publicity or increase support - OddsOn Promotions will help you organise a fixed fee game of skill promotion offering participants a chance to win a prize, to put you on course toward a championship season.

Each game of skill promotion is accompanied by promotional prize coverage in a form of fixed fee prize insurance for the outcome of your game.

For example, offer your customers a chance to win $50,000 with a game of skill promotion, which awards the prize if a contestant successfully completes the game based on physical skill.

Popular games of skill include:

  • Basketball Half-Court Shot
  • Footy Target Kick
  • Hole In One Golf

If they make the shot, they win the major prize and you only pay only a fraction of the prize value for the promotional insurance that covers the payout. In order to be eligible to enter the competition draw, for a chance to be selected for a game of skill offering the possibility of winning the grand prize, participants must comply with specified conditions such as purchase of a newly launched product, product volume-buy, visit to the retail outlet or venue, membership subscription...

Sponsorship promotions have never been so easy!