Retail Promotions

It doesn't matter what you are trying to sell - we can help you sell it better.

Retail outlets can now maximise their promotional efforts and implement prize promotion campaigns to build brand loyalty, generate sales leads, increase buyer foot traffic and customer sales, whilst eliminating the financial risk of prize payouts.
OddsOn Promotions' retail promotions can be simple, profit-boosting additions to your existing campaigns or high impact centre pieces for a new consumer marketing initiative. For a fixed fee, that is only a fraction of the prize value, prize coverage insurance pays the prize, when a contestant participating in one of our grand promotions selects the grand prize.

With OddsOn Promotions prize insured retail promotions you can offer a BIG PRIZE such as a shopping spree, a car or cash of $1,000,000 or more without the risk of paying when someone wins.

OddsOn Promotions offers an extensive portfolio of prize contest mechanics resulting in attention grabbing retail promotions that:

  • Drive customer traffic into your retail outlet
  • Influence store and retail chain preference
  • Increase frequency of shopper visits
  • Encourage trial and customer retention
  • Increase store visibility and appeal
  • Create and reward customer loyalty
  • Encourage visitations to your website and capture customer details
  • Drive new registrations for email newsletters and customer loyalty programs
  • Increase direct mail response rate
  • Generate leads and increase prospect databases

OddsOn Promotions offers complete solution to achieving your retail marketing objectives.

Our expertise enables us to recommend the most suitable and cost effective prize promotion to match your target markets requirements and manage its implementation. So cut through the advertising clutter and get your customers attention with a high profile customer incentive campaign from OddsOn Promotions, maximising the return on your retail marketing investment.