Grab headlines, build brand awareness and drive increased sales by offering the chance to win up to $1,000,000 without the risk of payout with prize indemnification coverage from Odds On Promotions.

At Odds On Promotions we don’t just provide prize indemnity, we also assist in integrating prize indemnity within your promotion.

From Spin to Win and Crack the Code to High Fives and Cash Cubes, use one of our proven promotions or create one of your own.

Spin to Win

Our Spin to Win Wheels can be customized to suit your needs. It is available for hire and can also be integrated with other promotions.

High fives

There is always a winner with our High Fives promotion. Each contestant is presented with 40 security envelopes. The contestant then randomly opens the envelopes until they have opened 5 identical symbols. The prize they win matches the 5 identical symbols opened.

Cash Cube

Cash cube machines are some of the most effective business promotional products because they allow everyone who plays, a chance to win while providing great fun for observers. Our Cash Cubes can be hired or purchased. The Cash Cube can also be integrated with our Cash Bags (1 in 100) promotion, thus allowing you to offer attractive prizes at a fraction of the price.

Cash Bags

Cash Bags (1 of 100) is a probability game whereby a contestant is presented with a “Wall of Cash”. The Wall of Cash is 100 security envelopes of which 1 envelope contains a major insured prize and the other 99 envelopes contain secondary prizes. A contestant is selected from the promotion and given the chance to select 1 envelope from the Wall of Cash. If they select the winning envelope, the prize is paid by Odds On Promotions.

Our Cash Bags promotion can also be integrated with other promotions such as the Cash Cube or Spin to Win Wheel.

Scratch Cards

Scratch and win cards are a quick, affordable way to increase traffic, fun and excitement at your location.

Match & Win

Our Match and Win (5 of 12) promotion is also often referred to as a “Spell to Win” promotion. Each contestant is presented with 12 (or more) security envelopes. They randomly select 5 envelopes and if the 5 envelopes have matching symbols or spell your brand, they win big.

Prizes can also be set up on a tiered system whereby 4 matching symbols equals the next prize value and so on.

This promotion can be integrated with an online promotion to boost website traffic, build you marketing database and increase sales.

Hole in One

Add some excitement to your next golf tournament with a Hole in One Golf Contest. A Hole in One Golf Contest is perfectly suited for corporate VIP days, charity fundraisers or team building. Make your next golf event challenging and rewarding by giving your golfers the chance of a lifetime to win cash, cars or holidays for a fraction of the cost.

Interactive & TXT

Crack the code is a highly encrypted software game and can be customised to suit your promotion. This is a low cost promotion that will assist in building your marketing database and boost website traffic. We can tailor crack the code programs to reflect your business and branding.

Our crack the code promotion can be integrated with an online promotion or text promotion.

Online Portals

Online promotions are a proven way to increase website traffic, grow your social audience, build your database and engage with your customers.

We offer a full line of customisable interactive promotions. Coupled with our prize indemnification, they are guaranteed to help you achieve your marketing objectives.

Sports Promotions

Odds On Promotions offers a variety of sport promotions. Link your business to the action on the playing field to increase brand awareness and leverage your sponsorship. At Odds On Promotions we assist in developing promotions that generate excitement for fans, maximizing the return on your sports marketing investments.

From Basketball half court shots to Footy target kick, Fishing Contests and Hole in One indemnification, we have you covered.

Our range of sports promotions are endless as we can customise a promotion to suit your needs. Get in contact with us today to find out what is possible through Odds On Promotions.