Other Promotions

Cash Bag Grab

Cash Bag Grab is a promotion using our high tech security envelopes. The envelopes are x-ray proof, cannot be opened once sealed (must be cut open) and have several security features. We use this bag to design games of chance. A set of 1000 envelopes will contain ONE winning insert and Ninety Nine consolation inserts. The contestant will choose ONE envelope from 100; this will be the winning insert or consolation. When opened, the contestant will win the insured prize or the consolation prize. A master envelope accompanies each set and MUST be opened if the consolation prize is won. The master envelope will reveal where the winning insert was - this assures al present that there was a winning insert.

Match and Win

Match & Win is a variation of the 1 in 100 envelope promotion. A set of twelve envelopes is seeded with 7 consolation prize inserts and five winning inserts. The contestant must select 5 envelopes from the set of twelve. If the 5 selected envelopes contain all 5 winning inserts - they win the insured prize. One consolation insert present int he five awards the consolation prize. This can be used to SPELL a BRAND. The five winning inserts could be FIVE letters of a BRAND name - ie, MAZDA. The five inserts could also feature five company logos.

Crack the Code

Crack the code is a software programme used to collect data from entrants. We use high encryption software to hide a code - this can be the number to a safe, number plate for a car, driver license number. We set the software up on your computer or iPad - we can also supply these. The screen is designed to reflect how to promotions works and your logo or branding. The contestant enteres their contact details and then attempts to enter the winning code. The winning code is provided to you in a MAster envelope before the promotion starts. Each attempt is given an instant response - win or try again. At the end of the promotion - if the code has not been cracked - you open the Master envelope and enter the winning code.

Hi Fives

High fives is a game show style promotion based on the security envelopes. Each set comprises of four set of symbols - there is a chance to win one of four prizes. Each contestant receives a set of 40 envelopes. The contestant opens the envelopes randomly and when they collect five identical symbols - they win theat prize. We supply the game board - as a symbol. As soon as a row of five symbols are of the board the game stops and this is the prize won. The prizes - four levels are all or part insured depending on budget. A popular game with brands, clubs, car dealers, hotels etc.

Sports Promotions

Hole-In-One Contests at Golf Tournaments. Gold Putting Contests at Conferences, Trade Shows, Car Dealerships, Basketball Half-Court B-ball shots, Free Throws, Round the World, Rugby Football Tosses, Kick, Target Shots, Player/Team Incentives, eg. if Southland win the ITM cup; each player gets $5000, Soccer and fulltime score of a rugby or basketball game to win $5000. Conditional rebates: eg. if East Coast beat Auckland by 50 points - all of your customers get a refund, FIshing Promotions, Exceeding weight, records.