Cash Cube

Cash cube machines are some of the most effective business promotional products because they allow everyone who plays, a chance to win while providing great fun for observers. Our Cash Cubes can be hired or purchased. The Cash Cube can also be integrated with our Cash Bags (1 in 100) promotion, thus allowing you to offer attractive prizes at a fraction of the price.

Get a cash cube money machine for your next event or promotion and make a huge impression! Cash cubes are a great promotional tool - people just seem to love them! They're a lot of fun for the person in the cube, and everyone watching.

We're flexible with delivery, branding, dates, hire and purchase. You can fill the cube with real money - or a set of fake dollars which can correspond to specific prizes.

We can even provide prize indemnification with the cash cube, allowing you to offer up a massive prize like $10,000 - for a low, fixed fee.

Get in touch to discuss all the possibilities!